world travel vlog 50 – Orlando – Kennedy Space Center, Florida – USA – merry around the world


the sunny state with alligators, Mickey & Minnie and astronauts!
As a last stop of our US trip, we decided to spend some time in Florida, the sunny state of the US! We started our trip in Miami and worked our way all up to Orlando. There are so many cool things to discover in Florida. Doesn’t matter if gorgeous Key West, mangrove Everglades of the theme parks of Orlando! Florida has something for every taste to offer.


Orlando – we love it! We spend a week in Orlando since we planned to see some theme parks as well as Cape Canaveral. Our first park to discover were the Universal Studios. We took a 2 park one day ticket in order to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter by taking the Hogwarts Express. It was magical for us bringing us back in our childhood phantazising getting our own Hogwart’s invitations. They created an amazing park with so many call rides, shops and treats. Obviously we wanted to try THE butter beer, which we loved! We had some lunch in the “Three Broomsticks” and walked along the houses in Hogsmead. It has such a great atmosphere. Of course we also visited some other parts of the park and explored Jurassic Park, the Simpsons, as well as King Kong. They created a beautiful world inside the Universal Studios and especially for Harry Potter lovers it is amazing to visit.
Another theme park we couldn’t skip was Disney World Magical Kingdom. After having been in Disneyland Tokyo and Paris, this was the one missing. Directly after arriving we had the luck to meet up with Snow White. The park is beautifully built and we had never made the experience that we could meet up with so many Disney characters. We even had enough time to ride some attractions and at the end of the day we could enjoy the most magical and beautiful fire works show!Since we were already in Orlando we also wanted to visit the NASA visitor center at Cape Canaveral. We sped a whole day visiting the area, taking the tours and learning more about our galaxy and the forecast about what NASA is currently working on. It is really to recommend and there is so much to discover and learn!
We really had so much fun during our Florida travel. We especially enjoyed Key West, the Everglades and Orlando. I think what we loved especially, was that in Orlando, every adult can turn into a child during the stays in the theme parks:)