Why Rich Russian & Chinese Pregnant Women Travel to the US to give Birth

Why Rich Russian & Chinese Pregnant Women Travel to the US to give Birth | Places
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
What is birth tourism?
Is birth tourism legal?
Why do rich people travel to US to give birth?
How does birth tourism work?
How much does birth tourism work?
How big is birth tourism?
Are there any services dedicated to birth tourism?
Why do people choose US to give birth?
What are the most commong birth tourism destinations?

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    • Of course it should be legal. It’s a form of giving equal opportunities to the world. Trust me when I say most countries (mine) don’t have the freedom to move out and about. It’s a waste of talent.

      To the naysayers wishing it should end let me say this, yes they do contribute to your economy. If she spent 30 000 dollars in the US she saved a US citizen’s job as far as I know, jobs only exist if there is demand. No demand and it’s not the foreigners who will suffer the US will

    • No, birth tourism should be a federal crime. Any agency that specializes in such a thing should be shut down, and the people running the agency should go to prison for twenty years.

      Yes, this would constitute a taking of personal property. But the government should buy the company with the use of eminent domain and force the owner to pay exorbitant fines.

    • My middle class Trinidadian Aunt did this. She Hazen apply for citizenship and doesn’t intend to. And the rest of you naysayers they still have to pay taxes. It should probably only Limitless on Chinese and Russian citizens

    • Trinh Nguyen I agree these are most likely be family ties to inflitrate our government by subvergence to duo citizen ties along being groomed in their native country with anti us propaganda. They indoctrinate and create the perfect spy with engrained vested interest in one sole country .

  1. You have to be Crazy not to exploit this loophole. No wonder they take advantage of it.

  2. Thanks Alux for these kind of videos. Please keep up the good work. Your videos are just so informative and interestingly knowledgeable.

  3. Don’t try to make Trump look like the hero. He’s one of the rich that are helping them come in.

  4. Honestly having a US passport isn’t that worth it anymore. Plenty of countries now have visa free access to numerous countries, and from what I’ve noticed for US expats the government makes life difficult for them with the Foreign Tax Compliance Act. Many people with money are renouncing it to buy a St Lucian passport or something similar.

  5. This smacks of elitism and racism. No one is complaining about these people that blatantly doing this thing. But everyone is complaining about the Latinos.

    • +Hussam Saif
      Because it’s easier to get a passport with other countries, less hassle and especially if you’re an expat working abroad. Lots of banks around the world will not even let you open an account with them anymore if you have a US passport, it’s just too much of a headache. If you have money to spend, you’re better off buying a passport from the Caribbean or Latin America and you still have significant visa access to most countries.

  6. Because America with all it flaws is still the greatest country on earth..i love my country and my fellow Americans.

    • It’s strange though how it seems virtually impossible to obtain american citizenship the legal way when at the same time you’re being flooded with illegal immigrants and birth tourists… That’s pretty fucked up yo.

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