USA To INDIA Travel Vlog | San Francisco To Pune Journey | सैनफ्रांसिस्को से पुणे हवाई यात्रा

#SanFrancisco To #Pune Via #NewDelhi by #AirIndia Flight


Hey There,

After so long time here’s my another and most awaited Vlog of My Journey from San Francisco (CA) USA To New Delhi (INDIA) and from New Delhi (IN) To Pune (IN) #ITHub. As I am travelling to India after 2 Years.

I have put my best efforts to capture and show you the Scenic Views from Airport and Airplane and tried to explain my experience in Long Haul Flight (One of The World’s Longest Journey Non-Stop Flight).

So I traveled for almost 24 hours by Air India Flight. First flight from San Francisco to New Delhi was 15 Hours Non-Stop Direct Flight, and Second Flight from New Delhi to Pune was 2 Hours Non-Stop Direct Flight.

Here in this Vlog I am sharing my whole travel experience with you all, and I am available here to answer your all queries…

Please write your views, thoughts, suggestions and queries in below comment section, I will Definitely Respond them.

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Thank You & Love You All…

Shirish Katariya… Love…Peace….


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