UPDATE: USA Truck Driver William Lutz Arrested TA Travel Center Truck Stop Shooting Illinoi | VLOG

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  1. Poor judgment and decision making. Shouldn’t have been driving a semi. I’ve had too politely ask a few jack asses too move. Only one ever acted like an ass was a Somali. Offered him too the back too wear this good ol USA ass whooping which he was too much a coward. Called manager problem solved.

  2. 750k dollar bond means if he a bondsman with 10% bonds he can take 75000 and b out of prison if a black man makes a mistake falls asleep at the wheel he can’t make bond because they set it at 2.5 million

  3. I carry and have the proper training and he being in Illinois hell probably get 25 years to life. He probably didn’t have a license to carry

    • Lol yeah poping caps for no reason he’s fucked no matter where he is. I’m with you. Good training and know when you have the right to defend yourself or others.

  4. Other Driver can Sue USA Trucking Company Bye 👋 Bye 👋 Fool this didn’t make no sense at all, it’s a lot of lunatics driving Truck’s theses days unstable don’t have anything to lose until they realize it’s all over, wants they are in Jail facing The Long Road in Prison.

    • Big Tim’s Trucking LLC Every Company has One ☝️ But a Gun is to be used in self defense most people for get that, you got to be stable when you carry.

    • USA truck could actually sue the driver bc I drove for them and I’m pretty sure they have a no gun policy

  5. Guns in general society isn’t good America is practically in a modern WILD WEST situation. Guns in the hands of stressed short tempered people is bad news…..but it’s good business for a number of services like hospitals, lawyers, funeral homes, private prisons etc.

    • @Kendall Robinson Keep that in mind if you catch a stray bullet from a situation that don’t have nothing to do with you!

    • Thank God I have the right to defend myself and family. You can always call 911. But in America we have rights and the 2nd amendment. There is over 90 countrys you can move to if you dont like it.

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