The Most Boring Travel Video Ever | USA Part 1

How many times did I say “so yeah” (so-ya)?
How many times did I touch my hair?
Did you enjoy the view of my double chin?


Here’s part 1 of my very extensive chikka about my recent travel to the US! Sorry for my lack of vocabulary lol everything was “pretty cool” 😂 di ako sanay magsalita ng mahabaaaaaa!!!

Anyway, if you actually did, thank you for wasting your 21 mins with me. Hope you got something out of it AHAHAHA. Para sa pretentious ~artsy~ stuff, thank you Canva. HAHAHAHA

P.S. Di ko alam kung gaganahan pa ko gawin yung next parts nito HAHAHA pero ayern sabi nga nila, I’m here for a good time, not a long time. Bye 🤟🏼