Road Trip Q&A | 5 month USA travel

Our first road Trip Q&A since getting back from our 5 month USA road trip. If you enjoyed us sharing our experience on our road trip as we traveled to America be sure to leave a comment and like the video!

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  1. I really can’t see where Kyle ends and where Makenna starts, looks like you guys are joined together because you both are wearing black 😭😂

  2. I live in NJ and I agree with Makenna NY people are incredibly rude which is why I live in South Jersey, lol.

  3. Y’all are freaking me out both wearing black. I cannot tell where Kyle ends and Makenna begins lol Looking like crazy conjoined twins.

  4. Lol Florida Drivers are the worst. I’m originally from the Midwest so yeah. It’s called bloody 98 for a reason.

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