rev’pod™ | A Travel Breakthrough! ✈️ Made in USA + Sustainable Fabric

A Travel Breakthrough… Elevate your travel experience! ✈️

Our exclusive fabric blend creates an irresistible softness that is long-lasting and luxurious.

Basically, rev’pod™ is everything you need to feel comfortable and well-rested.

Designed with lots of travel-savvy features too. Like an eye mask, to keep that pesky reading light out. Mittens to warm up cold hands in a frosty cabin.

And big inner pockets for all your stuff — think phones, chapstick, passport, Kindle, etc. Oh, and it snaps up, so you don’t ever have to take it off (potty break anyone?!)

Plus, it conveniently folds into the hoodie so it’s easy to attach to your carry-on handle — saving precious space in your suitcase 😉

A rev’olutionary new way to travel + lounge. #revpod

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