Ocasio’ Cortez’s Future of TRAIN TRAVEL in the USA – MUST SEE

Communist Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Purposed Idea of Future “Train Travel” for Americans, “AFTER” Deleting Airplanes, Semi’ Trucks, Cars, Motorcycles, Ships, Tug Boats, Cruise Ships, Rail Roads, All Heavy Equipment, Cranes, Bull Dozers, Asphalt Rollers, Track Hoes, Farm Tractors & Combines, etc. DO NOT let their “illusions” fool you, as their Real Agenda is to put the entire USA into total Chaos & Dispair , by using Phony Scare Tactics (like Al Gore tried) that the World will end in 10- to 12 years or less unless WE act Now ??? Like a TRUE Gypsy Snake Oil Salesman, attempting to sell YOU Phony Medicine in a fancy bottle, with a fancy label, only to find out later, its really a bottle filled with Horse Piss, a total Fraud & Sham, and You’ve be played. Don’t fall for the “Con-Game” of their Lies & Bullshit, used car salesman tactics