My ULTIMATE USA travel diary : Part 2 (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Welcome to my ULTIMATE USA travel diary. Follow me around for 4 weeks while I explore the USA in a truly ultimate adventure.
In part 2 we drive to Las Vegas. Come with us as we walk down the Las Vegas strip, ATV In the desert and see me getting ready for our Las Vegas wedding. Bellagio foundation show is a must if you ever get the chance. Seeing Donny Osmond was a dream come true, I even had a wee dance with him on stage (I know, I know)… & if you’re thinking about getting married in Las Vegas, The Chapel Of The Flowers is a 10/10 from me.

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*Music included in this video is from one of my all time favourite bands Relient K with the song Be My Escape. Head over to iTunes and download the full song!

Louise Michelle Maclean xx.