My ULTIMATE USA travel diary : Part 1

Welcome to my ULTIMATE USA travel diary. Follow me around for 4 weeks while I explore the USA in a truly ultimate adventure.
In part 1 we fly into LAX, starting our vacation in California. Seeing beautiful sights along the way, such as; The Griffith Observatory, Hollywood Boulevard, lunching at The Cabana Cafe at The Beverly Hills Hotel and my favourite of course was a wee bit of luxury shopping on Rodeo Drive at Valentino and Louis Vuitton (might of picked up a few goodies along the way).
We finish our California leg of the trip in Santa Monica pier, which is the official end of Route 66 but for us it’s just the beginning ( we’re travelling backwards to Chicago on the mother road).

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*Music included in this video is from one of my all time favourite bands Relient K with the song The Truth. Head over to iTunes and download the full song!

Louise Michelle Maclean xx.