Molly’s Mind #9 | TRAVEL | Travel Within & Outside the USA, Bucket List Travel, Road Trips, Food!

Jump into Molly’s mind to discuss all things Travel – our favorite places to go and possible hidden gems in the USA!

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  1. I’m from MONTREAL Canada and I did a New York/Washington D.C trip with my high school graduating class and it was an epic trip! Of course I did all the tourist type stuff. Went to a couple of broadway shows, obviously stayed around the manhattan area, went to Chinatown, the Statue of Liberty and it was one of the best times of my life. 😍💖. In D.C, was amazing to see the Capital 😃. We went to the Lincoln Memorial, the White House and my favourite was the Smithsonian Museum 😊❤️. We also spent one day in Philadelphia and saw the Liberty Bell 😍. Now this trip was in April of 2001. Just before 9/11. I was lucky enough to see the twin towers too.
    All in all, amazing experience! 😍💖🌉🌆🏙

  2. The issue is that there is so much to see around the world. There are 195 countries, around 50,000 cities and over hundreds of landmarks around the world and it would be very difficult to see everything the world has to offer within a lifespan not to mention enormously costly. People are forced to pick and choose the kinds of cultures that they want to exposed to when they travel. It may sound pessimistic but it is true! Regardless, I recommend travelling to new locations a couple of times every year (to multiple locations around your country and overseas at least once a year if you can afford it) to escape the banality of home life once in a while.

  3. I can’t stop commenting! Molly hit the nail on the head. Corin I used to putting himself first. He’s coming along. But naive was definitely the wrong word. She’s the smart one. I can tell she’s a well rounded intelligent person.

  4. Don’t take Molly and I your daughter for granted. You say they’ll be there the rest of your life but life is short and sometimes shorter than you think. Do you take care of your little girl when Molly’s gone on a trip? Or is grandma the caretaker? LOL

  5. Corin! You’re an asshole for saying that to Molly. A guy’s trip is a weekend or a fun time trip but to NEVER ask her to go along. She’s right. It’s rude. My man wouldn’t leave me to go to Hawaii! That’s a tropical paradise exciting big deal. I’m just ribbing you but I’m on Molly’s side. Eleven yrs!! Even if you travel together you AND your friends should be cool to have Molly along. Just saying.

  6. You are definitely missing so much in South Dakota. There’s a town called Wall Drug, which has an old timey feel and theme which i found pretty cool. Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse in Keystone, Sturgis motorcycle rally and a lot more plus so much beautiful scenery.

  7. Molly’s awesome! She knows exactly what’s going on. I love Corin trying to pivot on the health issues to his Dad. It was so funny. Oh, Canada is not like a big deal to me either. Of course it’s the western side being Vancouver and it’s beautiful. Been there many times. Used to be nothing. Didn’t need anything but an ID card.

  8. I live outside of Seattle WA and I hate the fact that I’ve never been further than the western states- mainly coastal, like Calif and Ore. I have a huge desire to see more of the US and abroad. It’s important to visit other cultures and places. There are many places I have no desire to visit. Texas doesn’t appeal to me at all and the south beyond maybe New Orleans and the Florida keys. I’m just too liberal for conservatives. I’ve seen and been around enough of it just by going to Eastern WA, (Idaho and Montana once) and I have no tolerance for ignorant minds. But there’s always nice people everywhere even with the negative political climate we’re living in.

  9. Maybe consider visiting Taiwan some day in the future if you’re headed to Asia. Besides airfare it is very cheap and affordable. Also it’s incredibly safe here.

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