Long Distance Relationship | LDR | USA to Philippines | First Time to Travel to El Nido, Palawan

Travel Vlog #1
LDR couple goes to El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Our Story: We started dating in 2009, and eventually became an official couple in 2010. Our relationship was far from perfect as we were both really young — 14 and naive. Although we managed to stay together (& somewhat, happy) for 3 years amidst being extremely immature to handle serious heart matters, 2013 came. Our almost-everyday dates ended when my family & I migrated to California. At 18, living in a foreign place with zero friends, I was probably at the lowest point of my life. I decided to distance myself from anything that reminded me of “home” as I thought it was hindering me from fully adapting to my new home. Long story short: we broke up, we moved on, we were living life without each other just fine. And there came 2016, I don’t know how it happened, but it just did. It started with simple “hi’s” and “hello’s”, and before we knew it, we were back together. We have been happy since, and we plan to stay this way, forever. Screw distance, love is never letting us go again. ♥️

It’s extra difficult when you’re in an LDR — you always have to exert more effort, understand better, trust deeper, and love harder because distance is a real pain in the a**. You just got to wake up everyday and choose to love each other despite everything. Remember your goal, and fight for that. If you know it’s worth it, then always choose to stay. ♥️

I’ve already visited the Philippines 3 times since we got back together. And we’ve been taking lots of videos & photos to remember our moments by because we never know when’s going to be the next time we’re in each other’s arms again. ♥️

I would appreciate it if you share your story too! I would also absolutely love to compare notes on how to stay strong in a relationship, LDR or not. I’m willing to listen and give advices as well if you need them! ♥️

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