Jamaicans to travel to USA without visa? & Morelyfe promo

A news article recently stated that the USA had made changes to its visa waiver program and had added 10 new countries to it to include Jamaica, which means Jamaicans would no longer require a visa to enter the USA. In this video we do some fact checking and bring details as well as promo a new artist we have discovered called MoreLyfe. Like, comment, share, subscribe and click the bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded to SOUFLOTV.


  1. Donald Trump would never, ever allow Jamaicans travel to U.S. without a Visa. Lol.

  2. They wouldn’t do that …thats fake news …we need to help build jamaican economy and turn jamaica into a first world country instead of trying to pack up in America

  3. looking at the so many social issues going on in Jamaica it will be hard for Jamaicans to get visas to the U.S.?

  4. Good morning Soul Flow. Thank you very much for the clarifications, it sounds true but I did question it. About Jamaica being a colony of the US, no way, Jamaica is a independent country and legally another country cannot just take it over like that…

  5. We have the best culture and we just want to be jamaican who can just travel back and forth no place like home just want our government do the right thing we too old to b adopted we dnt want that

  6. Soulflo how about they want to prosecute more Jamaicans or easier access to prosecute, this is too good to be true not at a time when most of the other countries are banning Jamaicans from there country, take England for Eg, something is Fishy.

  7. communist over Free world, China selling cheap shit made in China and invested in Jamaica to corrupt Government…..!

  8. Seriously does anyone know the Revenue of the US Embassy it’s million so that will never happen and by the way which year was this 3019

  9. China invested so much in Jamaica, Next they are going run the culture.with so much influence from China, what special amenities Jamaicans Have with The Chinese over in China are there any ?

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