Harry Truman house. Travel USA, Mr. Peacock & Friends, Hidden Treasures

On Mr. Peacock & Mrs. Peacock’s latest adventure, they discovered a hidden treasure of The Harry S. Truman’s house in Independence, Missouri. See the USA’s 33rd President’s historical summer White House where Harry S. Truman spent most of his free time outside of Washington, DC while in office from Mr. Peacock & Mrs. Peacock in their latest adventure.

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  1. Mr. Peacock, my 2 month old peachick is very sick I don’t know what to do her feathers are dropping and right side feather inside body is turning blueish kind of blue when we hit ourselves very then we got blue mark that kind of blue she is not eating much and i think her left leg is also broken I don’t know how to figure out things. I need immediate help please help!!!!!! My email is vikasyadav1407@hotmail.com

    • Sorry to hear about your bird. If you have chickens I’m afraid to say that’s probably the problem and that’s covered in our second volume of our book The Wacky World Of Peafowl Vol 2…you can down load it here … http://www.peafowl.com/peafowlstore/index.html After I see that you have down loaded we can talk by phone…number on our web page peafowl.com if its broken legs then a vet is needed…can not help there…good luck

  2. Whats up Mr.Peacock its connor on of your students you subbed for. Keep going on your youtube videos. Good job

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