Flying to America!!! USA Roadtrip – New England | Travel vlog 2018

Liz flies off to New England (Boston) for a road trip around the USA doing a photography course! It is going to be an amazing adventure for her and we are so lucky to see her journey! Today’s vlog shows the first few days of her trip – her packing and organising for the trip and then her heading down to St Pancreas, London to get to the airport and fly out. She visits America during October so everything is fall and Halloween themed. She travels to Boston, Salem, Rockport, Portland, Randolph. States visited were Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine.


    • Yaaaayyyyy heheh!!!! This is a solo trip Liz is taking as she is doing a photography course there and then afterwards will be travelling about with her parents. Meanwhile I’m at university studying everyday 😭😭😭

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