Family Travel Vlog ; Boston Massachusetts USA

To #celebrate Marks #birthday we decided to be #tourists for a day in our hometown #boston #massachusetts The theme of the day was to #explore places we have never visited before. We started our day early, directly after dropping the boys to school and took an #uber to the #samadamsbrewery located in #jamaciaplain for the #morningmashin #brewtour at 9:15a.m The tour is $15 p.p and comes with a 5oz souvenir tasting glass. Our guide Jackson was fun and informative and the tour itself was interactive with tasting of caramelized malted barley and individual friction experiments to release aromas of hops. Then there was the tasting room, where we passed pitchers of 2 #samadams brews and 2 experimental brews only found at the #brewery. It was a small group, leaving plenty of opportunities for questions and photos. After the tour we were filtered into the gift shop and tap room…a cool lounge with shuffle board, leather couches and good music.
From there we hopped back into an Uber and headed downtown to #kingschapel for the #bellsandbonestour $7 p.p to check out the mysteries of the #crypt below street level and history of the church and the #paulrevere bell. This is a building we have driven by, walked past and taken the T under and never even side glanced it before. We were lucky enough to be the only people for our tour time, and had an amazing Guide, Armando filled with knowledge and eager to answer any and all questions. From learning about Bostons elite families plush church pews to family tombs and mass graves buried beneath the original wooden floors of the first Anglican congregation direct from England and up top to the original bell tower which holds Paul Reveres original church bell still manually rung by hand upon occasion….this is a fantastic historical site to visit when #exploring #beantown and should not be overlooked!

Next stop was a short walk through #bostoncommons to #cheers or originally known as the #bullandfinchpub now located within the #hampshirehouse hotel in #beaconhill Let’s just say for our first ever time in the establishment, everyone DID know our names! It was more warm and homey than any of the new restaurants and bars in the city, even though it was filled with tourists. The staff was local, friendly and even poured a few shots dedicated to Marks Birthday! And randomly the name of the shot was ….Save The Planet! We found this ironic since we have this Wave N Pave the Planet thing happening and Earth day is my Birthday but….it was definitely a place we would recommend to check out!

Next was a walk down to Boylston street into the #prudential and elevator up to #topofthehub which was cool, yet disappointing. The pros were, it had an aura of fancy, yet casual in the lounge area but the staff was robotic, rushing due to a shift change and honestly not welcoming. The food was not that good at all, and the view was partitioned off to keep people within their caged region, meaning restaurant or bar area. I have so many other places i would recommend with great views and excellent cocktails and appetizers. Our aperol spritz’s were made in the wrong glasses and not very tasty at all….for such a high society establishment.

Finally we roamed over to Chinatownon the cusp of the theater district ….where footage became non-existent and we feasted on Thai food from #montien on Stuart Steet. It was packed but we didnt wait long, the service was great and the food was very similar to our past adventures in Thailand. I would recommend! Skip the typical Pad Thai and try something authentic and amazing like the spicy green beans with beef in pik-khing chili sauce or drunken noodle with chicken….mmmmmmmm.

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